The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show

“The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show”

The Boondocks episode

Ruckus with his shrine to “the most soulful soul singer to ever live”, Barry Manilow

Episode no.
Season 2
Episode 15

Directed by
Seung Eun Kim

Written by
Aaron McGruder
Rodney Barnes

Production code

Original air date
March 16, 2008 (Teletoon)

Guest appearance(s)

Donald Faison as Wedgie Rudlin
Debra Wilson as Debra Leevil

Episode chronology

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“The Hunger Strike”
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“It’s a Black President, Huey Freeman”

The Boondocks (season 2)
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“The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show” is a second season episode of the Adult Swim animated television series The Boondocks.
The episode begins inside the BET headquarters with fictional President of Entertainment Wedgie Rudlin holding the Monday staff meeting on Thursday and calling himself the “new, super-duper smart, Harvard University-educated President of Entertainment.” After asking staff members why he was hired, Rudlin says it’s time to take BET in a new direction. After firing a board member, Rudlin tells his staff to make “The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show” happen.
Following the opening credits, Uncle Ruckus is shown chronicling his life. His day typically starts at 4:45am with him praying to “The White Man” and for blacks. Ruckus denies being black and states he suffers from “Re-vitiligo”, (the opposite of what Michael Jackson claimed he had), and applies an ointment composed of bleach and sulfur.
Ruckus goes on to talk about his shrines to his white heroes including John Wayne and George H W Bush. He also mentions he works 32 jobs, including bus driver where he is ignored and insulted by the suburban kids: “These kids are pure human race.” Ruckus stops the Freeman brothers (the only kids who show him a shred of respect) from boarding: “This bus is for kids with a future!”
Next Ruckus is seen at J. Edgar Hoover Elementary, working as a janitor, mopping the hall, bemoaning desegregation, and ranting about black people in education and films. After school Ruckus approaches Jazmine and asks if she is waiting for her father Tom, explaining to the camera “He married to a white woman, lucky son of a bitch”. Tom arrives in a kilt and tells Ruckus of his Scottish heritage and how he took a DNA test that revealed he was 32.5% Scottish.
Ruckus then visits a scientist and receives the results of his ethnic makeup. Midway through the scene, the action pans back to BET where R